My Approach

      Photographing people is an amazing and very personal job. If you’d like to learn more about how I approach each wedding or portrait session, please feel free to read more below.

      Your wedding day is uniquely tailored to reflect your love and personality.

      So it’s important for me to get to know you, your loved ones and what makes you click.

      I want not just to photograph your wedding, but be a part of it. To feel like family. To be your goofy third wheel for the day and make you laugh.

      I aim to take the photos you want, and surprise you with the ones you didn’t even know you needed.

      Moments over Mountains

      The phrase ‘Moments over Mountains’ has been used by photographers recently to describe the importance of capturing real moments, not just the epic landscapes that are popular for likes on social media.

      It’s something that resonated with me.

      Yes I want to get a couple of ‘Instaworthy’ photos of your wedding or portrait session.

      But what will make you laugh, cry and smile are the candid images.

      Those are the ones you’ll treasure. That are important to you. That you will remember and look back on in 20 years and love just as much as the day they were taken.

      For me to capture your wedding day in an authentic way, I want to meet and get to know you, your story and what’s important to you.

      So it’s only fair to hear a bit of my story…

      My husband and I were married in 2016 and shortly afterwards, Ashley, our best man, suddenly died. He was buried in the suit he wore for our wedding.

      When I now look back on our wedding images, the photos that I love the most are the ones where we are just laughing together with Ashley.

      To other people that don’t know us, those photos might not mean much.

      But to me, they are precious. They’re moments we will never have again with our friend.

      This is why it’s so important to get to know you. To do your story justice.