Over the years I’ve entered many competitions to challenge myself and push my art further.
I’ve been lucky to be awarded 2016 AIPP WA Wedding Photographer of the Year and finalist in various categories over the years.
Check it out below…

AIPP APPA: Finalist: Creative Photographer of the Year
WA AIPP Epson: John Whitfield King Award
WA AIPP Epson – Finalist: Wedding Photographer of the Year
APA – People’s Choice Award: Portrait Category

WA AIPP Epson – Finalist: Wedding Photographer of the Year
IWPOTY Awards – Top 10 Solo Portrait Wedding
 WPPI – 2nd Place Wedding Contemporary
Master Photographer of AIPP

WA Epson AIPP – Wedding Photographer of the Year
WPPI – 2nd Place Portrait Contemporary

WA AIPP Epson – Finalist: Illustrative Photographer of the Year
WA AIPP Epson – Finalist: Creative Photographer of the Year

Associate Member of AIPP

2012 – 2018
WA Epson & Canon AIPP Awards – Numerous Gold & Silver awards

2015 – 2018
WPPI – Various Silver Distinction & Silver awards

Studio Photographer of the Year (Private Company Competition)
Melville Art Awards Winner (Photography)

Kameroke Water Category Winner (Osaka, Japan)

Entering awards is not compulsory for a photographer, but I do it to challenge myself, improve my work and also raises the level of professionalism and what is expected of professionals in the industry.

As Master photographer of the Australian Institute of Professional Photographers (AIPP), I enter the state and national awards every year since I joined in 2012.

In 2018, I was invited to be a judge at the WA AIPP Epson State Photography awards. It was a fantastic experience to be on the ‘other side’ and judging an image.

In 2018, I was honoured to be the last recipient of the prestigious John Whitfield King Award for excellence in portraiture.

I have entered many categories over the years, with Wedding and Portrait being my specialty. I love the process of selecting images, editing and preparing them for print.

Participating in competitions is a labour of love. I don’t do it to ‘win’, but to push myself creatively. I am inspired when I see the amazing work that other people have produced.