Hello I'm Simone

      While I now live in Perth, I lived in Busselton & Dunsborough for most of my childhood and I love the South West area.

      My husband Jason and my two dogs are my biggest loves (other than photography).

      I’m a bit of nerd. I love Star Wars, old British comedies, video games, Harry Potter and Game of Thrones (among other things).

      I’m really into German industrial metal and synthwave.  On the other end of the spectrum I love classical music and the atmospheric sounds composed by Jeremy Soule.

      I love to travel (hello destination weddings!) and while I’m usually very busy, I try to find time to go overseas every now and again. I’ve traveled mostly to Asia, Europe, Canada & America.

      A now for something completely different…

      I’m going to get real with you. I don’t want my ‘About Me’ page to feel like everyone else’s, because we are all different.

      I didn’t pick up a camera at a young age. I developed my creativity through fine art and I realized quite early that I couldn’t paint to save my life.

      So photography was a good start for me to create something I couldn’t render in watercolour.

      Fast forward 15 years and I’m stoked to be able to say I photograph happiness for a living.

      Celebrating weddings, events, babies being born, birthdays and family life. I am so lucky to be able to capture these images for people.

      I don’t want to bore you with a novel of my life, so instead here are some memes that I like:


      A bit about me

      How long have you been a photographer?

      I've been a professional photographer since 2008 and focused on my own business full-time since 2013.

      I've shot thousands of portraits and hundreds of weddings.

      What breed are your dogs?

      Axel and Pippa are German Shepherds and giant babies. Those with big dogs will understand just how sookie they can be.

      If you come over to meet me, you might just end up meeting them too (they love visitors).

      What do you do on your time off?

      On the odd chance I actually have a day off, you'll find me hiking with my dogs, discovering cool places to eat, or just binge-watching TV shows.

      Sometimes I'm lucky enough to travel overseas!

      Beer, Wine or Spirits?

      Spirits. Favourite: Vodka.

      I'm actually not a big drinker but when I do, I'll choose a fruity cocktail (Passionfruit Martini anyone?).