Darryn and Kate were introduced after Kate’s sister’s partner said that he has a cousin that would be perfect for her. Well, they were right. Kate and Darryn are both down-to-earth, caring people that love their family. Their wedding day was an epic party (especially with Darryn’s family knowing just how to blow up the dance floor!). Also their dog Zoe made an appearance and wedding doggos are always the best 🙂

I’ve got to say that this was one of my favourite weddings of 2018. Not because the styling was beautiful and the lighting was on point (even though it was), but because Kate, Darryn and their families were such a pleasure to be around. Photographing weddings can be long hours, stressful and I go days without seeing my family. But these kinds of days make it worth it. When you see such happiness being celebrated in a fun and honest way. I’m very lucky to be able to be there to capture it.