The morning before the ceremony is typically said to be chaos. People running around in a mad dash to get everything done, mother-of-the-bride stressing over small details, bride yelling at her relatives because Aunt Jen forgot to bring the flowers over. But in my experience, this is completely false.

      I’ve said it before in my blogs; if you’re organized then you won’t have much to worry about. Of course you’re going to be nervous, that’s natural since you are getting married, but the morning doesn’t need to be a busy disaster.

      This post I’ll give you a few tips that you can do to make your life easier on the morning of your wedding. It also helps your photographer too!

      Tidy the house / hotel room
      You don’t have to clean the entire house to an immaculate standard for this. It’s just to help with the overall cleanliness of the room. If you like you can make a junk pile in one corner of the room, as long as the rest of it looks pretty good. When taking photos, I do sometimes get wide shots that show the entire room.

      So just make it neat and your photos will be less cluttered. My secret is that I often clean up before taking the photo, but it would be nice to have the place already neat 🙂

      Have all your items for the wedding in one place
      Seems like a no-brainer right? Well you’d be surprised at how many people have their gear hiding away in the wardrobe or under a shelf etc. Having it all in one place really takes the stress out of rushing to find it at the last minute.

      Lay out your perfume, shoes, jewelry, invites and so on on the counter / bench top / bed wherever. When it comes to putting all these things together, you won’t need to run around looking for them.

      Take the dresses out of the bags and put them on a nice hanger
      If you’ve picked up your wedding dress from the alterations place or bridesmaids dresses from the dry cleaners, they’ll most likely be in protective bags and ugly wire coat hangers. You don’t need to spend a huge amount on fancy custom hangers as the wooden ones will do.

      Photos of the dresses look gorgeous and the nice hanger just makes it that much better. It will save time if you’ve already popped them up on a place that you think looks nice for photos. We might move it, but at least it’s ready if need be.

      Open the windows
      Natural light is very flattering, so make the rooms as bright as possible. Down-lights will cast shadows around your eyes and it doesn’t look very nice. Tungsten or slightly coloured lights are even worse. Dark rooms can be awesomely moody and mysterious, so don’t worry if where you’re getting ready doesn’t have a lot of light. We make do.

      Backless dress? Don’t wear a bra in the morning
      Ladies we all know those marks that our bra likes to leave us as a little reminder that we need them 😉 Those marks don’t go away rapidly so if you’ve got a low backed dress, then don’t wear any tight bras or t-shirts in the morning. It’s also a great excuse to wear a nice robe or a comfy jumper

      Clean the mirrors
      Photographers use reflections a lot in our work – it looks interesting and gives another angle. If you’ve got a dirty mirror then those smudges or spots are going to appear in the photos. So give the glass a bit of a wipe down so that they’re looking great!

      Well that’s it for now. I might add to this post later on but if you’ve got any words of wisdom, please feel free to share on what you’d do to help the morning run smoothly 🙂 xx