This is probably one of the biggest decisions a couple will make when planning a wedding. There are many factors which can influence your wedding venue (such as how many people the venue can hold etc.). So before you have your heart set on a place, there are a few questions to ask yourself:

      • Do you prefer an outdoor or indoor wedding?
        (Have backups for outdoor receptions just in case it rains)
      • How many people can the venue hold?
        No point booking a place for 200 guests when the capacity is 80 people. Figure out a rough guest list before visiting a venue so you know if it’s a viable option for you
      • Do you prefer a sit-down affair, or cocktail style casual party?
        Sometimes cocktail-style wedding can allow for more guests than a sit-down wedding at certain venues.
      • What kind of lighting does it provide?
        Some venues look great all moody and dark, but it makes for terrible photos. If the venue is too dark, you can hire festoon lighting to brighten it up (no fairy lights – they have no light output and are purely decorative).
      • What style are you after?
        Are you into chic marquees or like grungy warehouse vibes? Maybe a vineyard or orchard is more your thing. Do you like the backyard scene or want to hire teepees in the bush?
        This will help guide you on the style of wedding you like.
      • Does the venue include their own catering or do you need to organize that yourself?
        Food trucks are amazing but also extra work to organize. Some venues have their own in-house restaurant and others can recommend their preferred caterers.
      • What time of year are you planning to get married?
        Some outdoor-only venues can be very cold in May/September etc. Other times it could be very hot indoors if the venue doesn’t have adequate air-conditioners.
      • What are the parking options?
        Some city venues might have limited parking options, so best to find out where the venue recommends guests to park.
      • Ease of access – is the venue easy for people to find? Will you need to create a little mud-map for them so they don’t get lost (it happens!)

      I’m sure I could keep going on different things to think about, so here are a few of what I think are the best venues in Perth. A number of factors may go into this, including lighting, access, food quality, and style of venue. What I’m not familiar with is how good these venues are with replying to emails, helping you with the planning and their reception pricing (as it’s not something I would deal with unless I was planning a wedding there). So I hope this list at least helps a little:

      City venues:
      Any marquee at Site 4 of Matilda Bay

      Other Perth / Freo Venues:

      Venues outside of Perth (but still close by):

      If you’re looking at a venue that isn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean it’s not good – I just might not have photographed there yet (and I can’t list every single place I’ve photographed as my favourite either). Check out these suggestions and see what you think.