Katarina & Frane

I have to admit I’ve been very naughty and have neglected my blog for some time now. Mostly is was because I was so busy with wedding work that it just took a back seat to everything else. Now that the wedding season for 2016/17 is winding down, I have a bit more time to catch up on paperwork and so here we are.

Katarina and Frane were married on in October of 2016. A day that predicted storms and strong winds. Both Kat and Frane were feeling under the weather themselves with flu symptoms, but nothing was going to stop these two from enjoying the biggest day of their lives.

After a gorgeous ceremony at the Croatian church in Fremantle, Kat, Frane and their bridal party went to King’s Park where they had a surprise visit from their dog Rambo. He was full of beans and put a smile on everyone’s face. Then it was off to Acqua Viva on Swan for a cozy reception, good food and great company.

N e w s l e t t e r   S i g n u p